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Governor Waiguru And Lawyer Kamau Waiganjo Finally Get Married In Royal Wedding

Kirinyaga governor Anne Wiaguru’s wedding has been going on today. The star-studded affair has seen the likes of Dennis Itumbi, Sabina Chege, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga arrive at the venue.

Uhuru and Sabina Chege at Waiguru's wedding Raila and Uhuru huggung at the wedding Sabina Chege greeting Raila Uhuru at the Waiguru's wedding

The person everyone was waiting for has finally arrived. The bride, Waiguru arrived a few moments ago. She was dancing and enjoying herself in the company of many other ladies.

Waiguru arrives at the wedding 10 Waiguru arrives at the wedding 13 Waiguru arrives at the wedding 15 Waiguru arrives at the wedding 11 Waiguru arrives at the wedding 12

The afterwards the two commemorated their marriage with Cutting kiande ceremony.  This is the “cutting of the shoulder”. It is the central point in the entire ceremony.

Cutting Kiande at Waiguru's wedding 3

It is the right ‘arm’ of a roast goat which the groom cuts while the bride holds. When the groom is done, the bride continues holding on to the piece on her hand and the man cuts a piece and feeds her then feeds himself.

Cutting Kiande at Waiguru's wedding 6

The significance of this part of the ceremony; is that It is the seal of the marriage. It is actually recognised in law as the act that signifies that a man and a woman are customarily married.

Lawyer Kamotho Waiganjo gives a piece of meat to his newly wedded wife and Kirinyaga govenor Anne Waiguru Waiganjo cuts the meat as Waiguru holds President Uhuru Kenyatta, Murang'a Woman Rep Sabina Chege and Sports CS Amina Mohammed arrive


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