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BIC concludes fourth edition of revamped penmanship program ‘Express Myself with My BIC Pen’

BIC, a global leader in stationery, lighters, and shavers, has successfully concluded the fourth edition of its rebranded penmanship program. Formerly known as ‘My Words, My Story, My BIC Pen,’ the initiative has been revamped to align with the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) system that emphasizes art and innovation. Now titled ‘Express Me with My BIC Pen,’ the program engaged 14,950 students and 50 teachers, fostering creativity and self-expression through writing and drawing.

The original program, ‘My Words, My Story, My BIC Pen,’ focused primarily on developing cursive writing skills. However, the updated ‘Express Me with My BIC Pen’ encourages students to express themselves more freely, addressing the issue of poor handwriting, which can carry a negative stigma and affect a child’s development, especially during puberty.

Salome Ngugi, BIC’s Marketing Manager in East Africa, commented on the program’s success: “BIC’s commitment to improving learning conditions extends beyond providing writing tools. We understand the importance of addressing handwriting proficiency as it significantly impacts a child’s development. Through our program, we aim to create environments where students can thrive and unleash their full potential.”

Students participated by writing and drawing their stories using the iconic BIC ballpoint pen, easing their transition from pencils to pens. Successful participants received a BIC pen license certificate, and winning schools were awarded the necessary writing tools to further empower students and teachers in the classroom.

Mrs. Kanya, Head Teacher at Bidii Primary School, highlighted the importance of handwriting in the learning journey: “The new CBC system emphasizes the importance of note-taking in class. The ‘Express Myself with My BIC Pen’ program instills confidence in students, helping them retain information, develop cognitive abilities, and perform better.”

Kelcy, a participating student, expressed her gratitude for the program: “The training has equipped me to express my thoughts and concepts using a pen. I feel confident that my handwriting, now more readable, will positively impact how my teachers view my tests and projects.”

A parent of one of the students praised the program for boosting her child’s confidence: “Seeing my child’s newfound confidence in expressing themselves through writing and drawing fills me with pride. The training has made a remarkable difference.”

The ‘Express Myself with My BIC Pen’ initiative is part of BIC’s broader commitment to improving learning conditions for 250 million students by 2025, under its sustainable development program, Writing the Future Together. To date, the program has positively impacted 14,950 students and 50 teachers, reflecting BIC’s dedication to educational development and student empowerment.


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