Eric Omondi Video With Hamisa Mobetto In Bed Goes Viral

Eric and Chantal (Instagram) Eric and Chantal (Instagram)

Since things were not working as they had hoped they decided to set each other free. “The only solution was for us to set each other free. I was suffocating Chantal… I want her to be free, to get on and discover herself. I want her to make decisions without feeling like I am holding her back. That applies to me too,” Eric said.

The former Churchill Show comedian revealed that if their paths crossed again they can make it work but if their paths never cross again, he is cool with it too. “If our paths collide again, then, well and well. If she finds another man and I find another woman, then so be it. But I want everyone to know that Chantal and I love each other so much and that there are no ill-feelings.”


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