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Eko Dydda breaks silence after a long hiatus, reveals reason for his absence

Kenyan gospel artist Eko Dydda is making headlines with his much-anticipated return to the music scene.

After a period of silence, Dydda has announced a new album and a fresh take on gospel music, which he believes will rejuvenate the industry.

In a recent interview with YouTuber Trudy Kitui, he shared his excitement about his comeback and the state of the Kenyan music industry.

Dydda has been relatively quiet over the past few years, but he explained that this was intentional.

“I come back when there is something to say. When I have nothing to say I keep quiet,” he noted.

Now, he feels the time is right to return with a message and music that will resonate deeply with his fans and the wider audience.

His new project, an album titled “Pastor Kwa Hoodie,” promises to be a significant contribution to the gospel genre.

Dydda is refining his sound and preparing to offer something unique yet deeply rooted in his faith.

“My fans should expect a different version of Eko, but with so much love and content that is focused on Jesus. We’re doing it in a way that people are not used to,” he said.

Reflecting on the industry’s evolution, Dydda acknowledged the tremendous growth of Kenyan music.

“Music ya Kenya iko juu sana compared to where it started. We have climbed great heights,” he said, expressing pride in the achievements made over the years.

However, he also expressed nostalgia for the early days of Kenyan gospel, reminiscing about the camaraderie and genuine love that characterized the scene.

“I miss old school gospel artistes. I miss MOG, kina Owen, and the entire ‘jeshi’. The love was so genuine that it made the industry what it is today,” he reminisced.

He praised the positive impact of gospel music, which attracted corporate sponsors and appealed to a broad audience, including women, children, and the elderly.

As Eko Dydda prepares for his grand return, he remains focused on his mission and the power of silence.

“There is power in silence until it works out. If you tell people your plans, then you will face negativity,” he advised.


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