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Dem wa Facebook reveals number of clothes She was given by Mulamwah’s wife, Ruth K

Comedian Dem Wa Facebook, has opened up about the truth behind the video where he was seen receiving a pile of clothes at Mulamwah’s house from Ruth K.

In a conversation with Obinna, Dem wa Facebook revealed that although it was a short period, he did not go home with all the clothes he was seen receiving from Ruth K in the living room of their new residence with Mulamwah.

He explained that he tried on about 15 clothes, but at the end of the day, he only left with 3 clothes to his place, which he cannot wear at the moment.

“I didn’t ask for the clothes; otherwise, I would have worn them if I had really asked for them. It was a short period, but nonetheless, I went home with about 3 clothes, but I can’t wear them now because if I do, people will start saying they belong to Mulamwah’s wife, even the ones I bought from Gikomba,” he said.

“I tried on 15 clothes, and she said she gave me 15, but behind the scenes, I went home with only 3 clothes. Now everyone is telling me to wear Ruth K’s clothes, and I’m wondering which clothes they mean,” the beauty queen said.

However, Dem wa Facebook thanked Ruth K for the clothes but asked people not to assume that every outfit he wears now belongs to Ruth K.

Last week, Ruth K posted a video on her YouTube channel showing her with Dem from Facebook in their new home before entering the bedroom and appearing to give him clothes as a gift.

While handing over the clothes, Ruth K mentioned that they were not enough due to her body changes after pregnancy and childbirth.


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