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“Dear Future Hubby…” Diary of a beautiful Kamba girl

Dear future hubby…

Marriage is not easy but ours will be worthwhile in every way… We will not be perfect but be sure we will be very happy in every way we can… I will love you everyday and find reasons to always fight for us.

Breakfast in bed
Breakfast in bed

Loyal and faithful

I will give you loyalty and faithfulness you’ll never question it in anyway…
I will respect and submit to you for i know you’ll always make me part of the team.
I will be a good cook for you… I will never miss to cook for you even when i am tired as hell… I will be creative and always make sure the meals will never be boring… Be ready for breakfasts in bed even on weekdays, midnight snacks at the balcony and lunch picnic dates with homemade food.


I will never let the bedroom matters get boring for i know it will just be you and I… The lingerie, the dancing… It won’t be at the bed only and I will always keep my body in shape just for you and be sexy always…

Beautiful Kamba girl 1

I will always keep our house in order and make it to be a place where will always be running to after a hard days… I will put my few interior design skills to make our home elegant. I will invest my money to contribute in our growth of our home in any way i can swty. 

Our Empire 

I will want to grow wealth with you and it will never matter to me who brings more money in the house… You are my man what is important is how you’ll lead our family… I will hustle with you and make that ’empire’ together.

I will trust your decisions and never question your intentions for me and our family…

Everyday will start with prayers, you and I kneeling next to our bed. Thanking God for our life, love and marriage. We will ask Him for guidance in everything for US and always ask Him to protect our marriage from all evil. Every Sunday, church is a must. You and I; our family for without God as the pillar no marriage survives.

Beautiful Kamba girl 8
Beautiful Kamba 


Hubby… there are days I will be in bad moods… there are days i will just want to cry and do nothing else… all i ask of you is to love me in my worst… love my flaws for i am human… and when i push you away hug me and tell me you love me no matter what then leave me alone. There are days you’ll have bad days at work or business. I may not solve the problems but always find comfort in me to talk to me about it together we might come up with something to solve it. Let me be your team player for i will never leave you to suffer alone with anything. If you need time alone, communicate instead of ignoring me… for i will understand it better when you tell me.

Beautiful Kamba girl 9
Beautiful Kamba girl 9

Family Advocate

I will love your family like my own and i will never make you choose between me and them at any point for they are also my family. I will always advocate for love and respect between us. And when i am wronged i wont fight with them but talk to you first so that we can know what to do. Don’t wait for me to bad mouth your family to you. Don’t wait for me to treat them in a bad way.

For the bible says your people shall become my people and for life they shall have my best in every way for the love of my life was born unto them.

I am a very romantic gal so be sure there are days i will wear your socks, boxers and t-shirts and dance around the house to Bruno Mars street funk songs. During karaoke nights i will be singing for you in the living room all the ballads i know with my crooked voice and as you laugh at me i will be falling in love with you over and over again. Be sure you will always be having a clean laundry and your clothes all ironed out. Your shoes will be all cleaned up n well polished. You inner wear too… Be sure i will be getting you lots of random gifts of that inner wear.

Beautiful Kamba girl 4
Beautiful Kamba girl 4

I love photos so be sure will have gazillion of them. We will take photos of everything and of us everywhere so be sure of a big gallery in our house. It will be a train of memories for our lifetime together. I will be giving you random massages, manicures and pedicures.I will wash your feet and scrub them clean. These small things will be my way to say ‘thank you’ for being the amazing man in my life.

If you love football; I promise as long as Saturdays are family days, you can have Sunday afternoons to football and if you want to host your boys I will gladly shop for the beer, make snacks, cook food and take the kids or run errands or visit my friends.

Beautiful Kamba girl 5
Beautiful Kamba girl 5

Even if we are married i still expect us to act like we are dating… so ‘yes’ to date nights, movie nights, random gifts, flowers, get-aways and vacations. When you have hangovers i will be waking you up with a glass of fresh orange juice and i will never get bored of listening to your stories and jokes even if they dry i will still laugh hard. Our marriage will be all this and so much more.

All i ask of is loyalty and love. To always make me part of the team. To value my feelings and just make me happy with the simplest of things in life. For a lifetime will never be enough for our love but it will be worthwhile.

I promise to be the best wife i can be and 70 years down the line we will look back and say we truly lived because we had each other.

So excited for Our life together.

With much love,
Your future wife,
Faith Mwendwa



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