A complete guide on Safaricom FLEX Bundle

Safaricom FLEX Bundle is the latest innovation from leading telecommunications firm Safaricom that allows you the freedom to call, SMS, and browse all in one.

The bundle plan:

Ø  Doesn’t limit you to one area eg. SMS or Browsing only.

Ø  Is designed to meet your day to day needs.

Ø  Is easy to subscribe; you either dial *100# for prepaid and *200# for postpaid.

Ø  Gives you 35 per cent more value.

Ø  Allows you to gain free talk time, data or SMSes every time you transact over Sh. 100 on M-Pesa.

Under the bundle plan:

  • 1 FLEX Unit is equivalent to 3MBs when browsing the internet
  • 3 FLEX Units are equivalent to a minute or 1 FLEX Unit is equivalent to 20 Sec talk time when calling
  • 1 FLEX Unit is equivalent to 3 SMS’s when texting

There are three types of Flex Bundle plans to choose from. They include:

Ø  The Daily FLEX Bundle

Ø  The Weekly FLEX Bundle

Ø  The Monthly FLEX Bundle

Daily FLEX Bundle

The Daily FLEX Bundle costs Sh. 99 and comes with 115 Units that have the following benefits:

  • 345 MBs of data
  • 38 minutes of call
  • 345 free SMEs

This means that the FLEX bundle saves you Sh. 15 for calls that would otherwise be billed at Sh. 3 per minute.

The Bundle also gives you an additional 23MBs on top of every daily 150 MBs you’d otherwise purchase on the daily internet bundle.

Weekly FLEX Bundle

This bundle comes with 700 FLEX units and costs Sh. 599 only. It has the following benefits:

  • 2.1GBs of data
  • 233 Minutes of calls
  • 700 SMSes.

The value you get

If you use this bundle exclusively to make calls, you will save Sh. 100 where you’d have spent Sh. 699 on Sh. 3 per minute calls.


Monthly FLEX Bundle

The monthly FLEX bundle costs Sh. 2,499 only. It has 3,100 FLEX Units pegged on it.

These units give you the following benefits:

Ø  3,100 SMSes

Ø  9.3 GBs of data

Ø  1,033 minutes of talk time.

Dial *100# for prepaid and *200# for postpaid to subscribe.


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