Lillian Muli recently unveiled what’s underneath her wig cap and many people were surprised because she rocks sister locks, a smaller version of traditional locks.

“How many of you knew I have sister locks??? Yup Empress number one,” Lillian told her legion of shocked fans before adding “Can’t wait to finally rock my own hair but only when the locks get to shoulder length.”

Well, unfortunately, we will not get to see Muli’s shoulder-length locks soon as she has chopped them off for an edgier look.

The Citizen news anchor disclosed that her sister locks thinned after childbirth and so she now has to start from scratch for a fuller look.

“I shaved my locks because they thinned after I had a baby…I will miss them though. You live once have fun while you’re at it. Do stuff that makes you feel good,” she wrote.

The new look was a clear favourite among fans and it’s not hard to see why. She looks much younger with the new look

“Lilian you look sooo hot,” wrote Inoroo TV’s Muthoni Wa Mukiri.

“I love it I’m so tempted to copy,” commented former KTN anchor Cynthia Nyamai.

“Wow So Beautiful ??❤❤Hio style imekupenda,” wrote a fan with another adding “I am surprised you shaved the baby locks. They were cute. ? and now you have pulled this look so perfectly… So hot.”

The Lillian Wig

Before her big chop, Lillian Muli wore a custom made lace wig that protected her natural hair.

And it is this wig that inspired the ‘The Lillian Muli Custom Made Lacewig’ from Unbeweavable Hair Kenya.

Lillian is also the face of the unprocessed human hair brand. Something we came to learn when the brand owned by Lillian Muli’s best friend made the announcement months ago.

The face of Unbeweavable Hair Kenya (Instagram)

“Ladies and gentlemen, introducing to you the FACE of Unbeweavable Hair Kenya Lillian Muli ,”read the announcement.