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Cebbie Koks Shares Cryptic Divorce Message Days After Deleting Steve Ogolla’s Photos

 Akothee’s younger sister, Cebbie Koks, has been the  talk of social media after she deleted all her wedding photos and unfollowed her husband Steve Ogolla.

She had also posted a cryptic message on her Facebook page hinting that she is single, leaving fans wondering what could have led to her marital woes.

In response to the swirling rumors, Cebbie took to social media to address the whispers and subtly hit back at what she perceives as attention-seeking behavior.

In a thoughtful and cryptic post, Cebbie explores the notion of the “cycle of hurt,” suggesting that those actively seeking attention or feeling rejected might resort to aggressive behaviors.

“The cycle of hurt suggests that individuals who desire attention or feel rejected can become aggressive. Various psychological factors contribute to this shift from seeking attention to engaging in cyberbullying. The anonymity of online platforms allows them to hide behind screens and express their frustrations in ways they wouldn’t in face-to-face interactions.” Part of Cebbie Koks post read.

Cebbie implies that some people find solace in belittling others when their attempts to seek attention go unanswered.

According to Cebbie, individuals initially seek attention from those they target with negative posts.

“It is highly likely, in fact, all the time, these individuals initially sought attention from the people they now target, but their desires go unfulfilled. Or; They’re seeking their attention and believe they’ll be recognized. When their efforts fail, frustration sets in, and their hurt is reflected in their negative posts. The inability to obtain desired attention can lead to frustration, which may manifest as anger or resentment towards the person they once admired or found intriguing.”

Cebbie concludes her post by suggesting that some individuals harbor admiration for things they cannot attain. When faced with disappointment, bitterness may take root, and resorting to derogatory messages or hate speech may be a misguided attempt to regain control and inflict emotional harm.

Additionally, she hints that negative behavior might serve as a ploy to gain favor with others, seeking attention from different sources.



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