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Baba Talisha Allegedly Finds New Lover Years After Wife’s Death

Popular content creator Baba Talisha has set the internet abuzz with rumors of a new romantic relationship, years after the passing of his wife.

The speculation ignited after Baba Talisha, a beloved figure on TikTok, shared a playful video featuring himself and a female TikToker known as She-Luna.

In the viral skit, Baba Talisha dons a matching brown corduroy shirt and trousers, while She-Luna is seen in a green football jersey.

The video begins with Baba Talisha lip-syncing an audio clip where he asks, “Tell me, what do you want me to call you?” She-Luna, standing close with her hand on his shoulder, responds, “What do you want to call me?”

Baba Talisha’s reply, “I wanna call you mine,” followed by a shared look and laughter, has fans speculating about a budding romance.

The video, captioned with a love eyes emoji, quickly garnered attention, with followers flooding the comments section with congratulatory messages, assuming that Baba Talisha has found new love.

Baba Talisha, known for his heartwarming content and dedication to his son, has yet to confirm or deny the rumors.

The playful chemistry between him and She-Luna in the video, however, has left many convinced that there might be more to their relationship than just a collaborative skit.

She-Luna, a rising star on TikTok, has also remained tight-lipped about the nature of their relationship.


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