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Amount TV and Radio Stations Will Pay for ‘G Bag Na Jug’ Hitmaker to Appear for Interviews

Stoopid Boy, the rapper behind the sensational track ‘G Bag Na Jug,’ has  stirred up the media landscape with his demand for interview fees.

The artist has declared that he will only agree to TV and radio appearances if they pay him Sh 100,000.

In a candid interview, Stoopid Boy explained his position, saying, “Siku hizi pesa imeanza kuingia juu ya kuongea, wasanii wengi hawaongeangi hata nikisema ten bob nakupima, mimi saa hizi nataka Ksh 100,000.”

He noted that he made an exception for this particular interview as a favor to his cousins, who are aspiring media professionals.

This announcement has not gone unnoticed. Stoopid Boy’s refusal to appear on Dr. Ofweneke’s show without payment sparked considerable controversy.

Dr. Ofweneke, a well-known media personality, expressed his disappointment:

“He canceled last minute…because he wanted to be paid. Stoopid Boy, just wait, we will pay you. Hapa ndio unatoanga song ya pili ya nne unaanza kutafuta Dr. Ofweneke wapromote ngoma, tutakumbuka, we shall revisit this one.”

In a video response, Stoopid Boy confirmed his fee requirement and justified it by highlighting the value he brings to the table.

“That’s why nilikuambia lazima ujue vile naishi kwanza ndio uniite….Saa hizi venye mziki yetu imetufikisha, hauwezitupanga. Tunanenda ma-interview bila doo,” he stated.

The rapper also emphasized the importance of a “sitting allowance,” arguing that meaningful conversations with notable artists should be compensated.

“Kuna kitu inaitwa sitting allowance, kukaa chini kuongea na me ni mtu wa maana. Momba haukuniita kabla sijatoa hio ngoma ya Gbaga Jat?” he added, concluding, “Interview bila doo haiwezi.”


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