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Yesu Ninyandue Hitmaker Comes Out Guns Blazing After Criticism from Kenyans

Musician who also calls himself a pastor from Eldoret by the name of William Getumbe has come out strongly to defend the meaning of his song ‘Yesu Ninyandue,’ which has stirred conflicting emotions among Kenyans.

The song, which was uploaded on YouTube earlier this week, has attracted numerous comments, with some people mocking and criticizing him for what they say is playing with God by praying to get pregnant despite being male.

In the song, he says, “Yesu ninyandue, yesu ninyandue, nipate mimba ya imani.”

He further states that he wants to be like Mary, the mother of Jesus, who conceived through the Holy Spirit.

Due to the controversial choice of words in his lyrics, Kenyans have strongly criticized the gospel singer, with some questioning the direction of the gospel music industry.

In an interview, Getumbe addressed his critics by saying that those pointing fingers at him are not righteous themselves.

He also had a message for Christians who are criticizing him over the song.

“If they feel my song is not appropriate, why are they getting involved in such matters? Why are they contributing to the popularity of secular artists like Diamond? It’s surprising that these Christians fail to support gospel musicians,” he stated.

He further explained the meaning of his controversial gospel song, adding that he is unaffected by the insults he has received.

“Nyandua has many meanings. It’s a metaphor, but Kenyans have interpreted it sexually. Music often uses indirect language as a form of creativity. In my song, I was praying to God for elevation. Even Jesus, in his teachings, did not reveal everything explicitly,” he said.

“I know Kenyans are not pleased with my song and it has stirred various emotions. You expect different reactions from people. There have been many insults, but I am not affected by them. Kenya is 80% Christian, so if they disagree with my song, then there is no need for insults,” he added.

The boss of the Music Copyright Society of Kenya, Ezekiel Mutua, responded to the song ‘Yesu Ninyandue,’ stating that the song should be removed from digital platforms.

“My thoughts have been brought to a song of absolute blasphemy by one of our local artists. Such content should be removed from all digital media platforms with immediate effect.”


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