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Woman Who Gave Pastor Kanyari Condoms During a Sunday Live Service Reveals Why She Can’t Apologize

A recent Sunday service at the Salvation Healing Ministry took an unexpected turn when Faith Mutindi presented Pastor Kanyari with a package containing personal care items, including a Kotex liner, Arimis petroleum jelly, and a pack of condoms.

The gesture, which was broadcast live, sparked a flurry of discussions and criticisms on social media. Despite the backlash, Mutindi has firmly stood by her actions, asserting that she has no reason to apologize.

Mutindi’s controversial act was driven by a larger message about safe sex practices.

She openly shared her intention of marrying Pastor Kanyari and emphasized the importance of him practicing safe sex, given his popularity among women.

“I see that women really want Pastor Kanyari. I have brought you protection. Use protection, daddy, do not reject women,” she stated during the service, causing a stir among the congregation.

In an interview with Trudy Kitui, Mutindi defended her decision, highlighting the need for candid discussions on safe sex within the church.

She argued that such topics should not be shrouded in shame, even in religious settings.

“Pastors are going through a lot. They are the most judged people. Do you know pastors can’t buy protectives from a chemist because of being judged? They are also humans; people shouldn’t judge them… I didn’t do anything wrong, and I won’t apologize,” she declared.

Mutindi explained that her package included money and other items, but it was the condoms that drew the most attention and criticism.

She believes that her actions were misunderstood and that her intent was to promote safe sex education.

By bringing these issues to light, she hoped to challenge the stigma surrounding the use of protection, particularly among religious leaders.

Pastor Kanyari, in response to the incident, apologized to his congregation and the public for entertaining Mutindi during the service.

He expressed regret and assured that such an incident would not happen again.

Kanyari explained that he did not want to forcibly remove Mutindi, fearing that his congregation might react violently towards her.


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