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When To Notice Red Flaggs In A Relationship

Love bombing is the practice of showering a person with excessive affection and attention in order to gain control or significantly influence their behavior.

At first thought, love bombing may not sound too bad.

Being bombarded with love sounds great, right? Well, it is misleading in that way and many others.

  1. Too much interest

This is something you should always be wary of.

Some people call it picky, but once you are well-versed on love bombing, it makes sense. Dating is exciting. When you like someone it feels good.

But, when someone is too interested right off the bat, it is not normal.

Sure, you can be attracted to someone or feel a connection, but if someone acts like they truly like you before even getting to know you, they are showing signs of love bombing.

2. Perfection

No one is perfect.

This is something a lot of people need to realize.

Even the person that is perfect for you is not perfect. Things will go wrong. You will have disagreements. So, if you are dating someone and things seem perfect, it is time to question it.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but when things seem too good to be true, they often are.

I am not saying to look on the negative side, but be aware of someone that seems to have no faults.

It may seem that way because they are taking great lengths to conceal it.

3. Guilt-tripping

This is a classic sign of manipulation.

Even if it is not a part of love bombing, it is not healthy.

Love bombers give gifts, make promises, and tell you everything you want to hear. So, when you do not fit the mold they preset for you, they guilt you into it.

4. Positive manipulation

Do you know how a parent will promise their child a treat if they behave in the store?

Or maybe how you get your dog to do a trick for a biscuit?

That is essentially how this person treats you.

It may sound shallow and you may think you would never fall for something like this, but we are all vulnerable to it.

Some relationships naturally move quickly.

5. Quickness

Oftentimes successful couples with that beginning say it just felt right.

But, when things move quickly we can get overwhelmed and before we know it, we are living with someone we barely know.

That makes ending things or slowing them down that much more difficult.

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