What does your significant other do that makes you weak in the knees?

Affectionate young couple facing each other

We’re driving down the road, his mom in the driver seat, him in the passenger and me in the back. His mom rolls down the window because the cigarette smoke is making it a little foggy. Without even blinking he’s tugging off his jacket to hand to me. Not even rolling his eyes at the fact that I get abnormally cold rapidly and at the drop of a hat.

In my sleep, I start convulsing and shaking. (Typically the start to a very bad morning for me.) About this time I start groaning and sweating and kind of thrashing. Still, he remains by my side, rubbing my back and asking if he can help me.

Sometimes he can look at me and tell me that I won’t be comfortable with PDA so he sweetly locks a pinky with mine just below the view of everyone else and I can’t help but feel a million butterflies.

I put on jeans for the day and check the mirror just to accept my appearance and he smacks my butt and grins. This never fails to make my knees weak because that grin is just too freaking cute.

He will be contently playing his game and I’ll lean over him. Trying to gain his attention and he will quickly kiss me then go back to his game. While I understand his dedication, risking (in-game) death for a peck is the cutest trait I swear.

Seriously, I could go on and on and on but my all-time favorite is the letters he writes me. I save them in my writing binder and when we’re apart I go back and appreciate his words and love. That will forever make my heart swoon and my knees weak.

I wanna add one thing actually, he slept in my car with me while I was homeless because he was staying with his grandmother and I couldn’t spend the night there. Imagine two people cramped in the back seat of a little Kia Sportage. I don’t think I could ever find someone who would have been willing to endure that in freezing weather in a car with a missing window and no heater. Even with me working two jobs he still has done nothing but love me and grace me with that love.