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StarTimes Basic Bouquet gets additional new channels

StarTimes Kenya has introduced a series of new channels on its Basic Bouquet. The bouquet, which retails at a monthly subscription of Sh. 599, will have channels focusing on documentaries, lifestyle and Pan-Africa content.

Previously, this bouquet contained a total of 57 channels. The new channels will see subscribers get up to 61 channels at the lowest price for digital content in Kenya.

The four new channels include the award-winning nature channel, the National Geographic Wild and its sister channel the National Geographic channel.

“These two channels will feature extraordinary tales from the natural world that ignite passion for the world’s wildest animals as well as premium science, adventure and exploration for the Kenyan subscribers,” said StarTimes in a statement.

Other newly introduced channels in the bouquet include Fox Life and Star Bollywood Africa. These channels will broadcast features with a Pan African theme. They’ll mainly focus on inspirational, entertaining and compelling local and international drama, telenovelas and reality shows. On the other hand, Star Bollywood Africa will offer internationally acclaimed back to back Indian movies and drama with English subtitles.

Below is the list of the new programs and the channels they’ll broadcast on:

Nat Geo Wild CH.221 (BASIC BOUQUET)
Nat Geo Channel CH.220 (BASIC BOUQUET)
ST Bollywood Africa CH. 501 (BASIC BOUQUET)



About the new channels…


  • Nat Geo Wild features exclusive fresh documentaries done in Kenya’s Maasai Mara and other big African Wild life sanctuaries.
  • A premium wild life documentary channel with extraordinary tales from the natural world that ignite passion for the world’s wildest animals in the most of exhilarating of places.
  • Ranked number 1 in Africa based on viewership and popularity.(Documentary category)
  • Internationally re-known narrators and commentators with unforgettable imagery that reveals the astonishing beauty and complexity of Mother Nature.


  • National Geographic Channel is a special classification documentaries channel that has a bias in History and Science documentaries.
  • Nat Geo Channel will keep subscribers entertained and informed on various historical topics ranging from War, Colonization of Africa, Global warming etc.
  • The channel features award winning commentators/presenters who create extra humor and excitement in documentaries


  • Fox Life content composition is New and exclusive Series including Empire Season 3, The Pitch etc.
  • Will also feature Pan African content focused on aspirational, entertaining and compelling local drama
  • Catch a wide array of blockbuster movies straight from Hollywood.
  • Cutting edge programming and presentation, every viewer is destined to find exciting entertainment on Fox Life channel

The channel has 1,000 new hours per year delivering the best of Indian movies and drama. The channel will have 3 subtitles languages that subscribers can choose from (English, French and Chinese) and 7 audios that as well you can choose from (Original Hindi, English, French, Swahili, Luganda, Yoruba and Portuguese)



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