See counties with highest unregistered voters

    As the second phase of voter registration kicks off today, focus turns to the counties with the largest numbers of unregistered voters.

    According to IEBC data, Rift Valley region, which has 14 counties, has 1.8 million people with national ID cards but are yet to register as new voters.

    It is followed by Eastern region’s eight counties with 1.5 million without national identity cards.

    Nairobi County has 1.3 million unregistered people.

    Nyanza region, which has six counties has 1.3 million unregistered persons while Western region which contains four counties  has 1.1 million unregistered people.

    The Coast region has one million unregistered voters and ties up with Central Kenya which also has one million unregistered voters.

    North Eastern region has the lowest number of unregistered voters. As at December 31, 2016, the region had 166,983 unregistered voters.

    The IEBC has hired over 21,421 staff for the campaign, including 290 registration officers, 290 assistant registration officers, 1,775 voter registration assistants, 2,900 ward-based voter educators, 580 ICT support assistants and 15,586 clerks.