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Otile Brown Buys Range Rover Vogue Worth KSh 16 Million

Renowned Kenyan singer Otile Brown has announced purchasing a new luxury car shortly after returning from a foreign trip.

On Tuesday, May 23, the singer posted numerous images next to a Range Rover Vogue. The smiling singer climbed onto the bonnet and smiled broadly at the camera.

Otile then announced that Vogue was his latest acquisition while boasting about his financial might.

Otile’s Range Rover appears to be the 2018 model because of the distinct front grill design.

It has a base price of around KSh 16 million and boasts luxury and performance features. Keeping up with the Land Rover pedigree, the Vogue features impressive off-roading capabilities with three locking differentials. It has a V6 supercharged engine for quick acceleration. The adaptive damping and air springs ensure Otile enjoys a smooth ride on Kenyan roads.

According to Carwale, the Vogue comes equipped with six airbags and a tyre pressure monitoring system. Fans and fellow celebrities celebrated Otile.


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