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My Experience With Marijuana- Dj Moh Shares His Story

Before getting saved and starting his career as a gospel DJ, Baba Ladasha tried a few things just like any other normal youth out here!

During a recent interview the gospel DJ revealed that he once used to smoke weed; something that he regrets.

DJ Mo says that this happened back in 2005 when he was fresh out of high school.  According to him, this was the first time he had ever smoked anything.

DJ Mo “After high school at around 2005, I used ‘kush kush’ (bhang) with some friends in Mathare.”


When asked whether he had any other regrets, Mo said:“Yes, I have regrets. I wish I started being serious with life as early as 15. By the time I came to realise how to be serious with life, I was already 26, 27. People wait to be 27 to get serious and wait till 30 to get saved. I wish I started my hustle at 15.”


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