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Murugi Munyi: I ate tissue paper during pregnancy


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Content creator Murugi Munyi recently took to her Instagram stories to share a fascinating anecdote from one of her pregnancies, revealing an unusual craving she experienced.

Six years ago, during her pregnancy with her child Mukeni, Murugi found herself inexplicably craving tissue paper.

In her Instagram stories, she humorously recounted how she would sit on her bed with a box of tissue by her side, indulging in the unusual craving.

“The number of responses about the tissue. Mukeni’s pregnancy was another thing. Six years ago. I was addicted to tissue. I was craving tissue tissue during Mukeni’s pregnancies. I used to sit on a bed and a tissue on the side. I would eat like a box for some days. I could finish a whole role not in a day but for a couple of days.”She recalled.

Acknowledging that her craving for tissue was far from ideal for her digestion and often led to discomfort and constipation, Murugi compared her unusual craving to the more commonly known cravings pregnant women have for non-food items like stones.

“It was not good for my digestion and it used to give me bad constipation but I could not stop. I don’t know but I think it is just how some women crave for stones so tissue was my version of my stone,” she said.

Reflecting on her past experiences, she remarked that even now, years later, she can still eat tissue paper without finding it repulsive, although she acknowledged the perplexed reactions she receives from others when she shares her story.

Murugi’s anecdote sheds light on the unique and sometimes surprising aspects of pregnancy, including the strange cravings that some women experience.


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