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Murang’a Man Regrets Drinking Alcohol After Being Fired from His Well-Paying Banking Job


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Cyrus Ndiki Gikera’s life took a drastic turn when alcoholism gripped him, unraveling the stability he had meticulously built.

A bright student from the outset, Cyrus excelled academically, achieving an  A in primary school and a commendable B in high school.

His pursuit of higher education led him to the University of Nairobi, where he graduated with second-class honors in Economics.

Following his academic achievements, Cyrus embarked on a fulfilling career as a teacher, dedicating seven years to shaping young minds.

However, his aspirations extended beyond the classroom, prompting a transition to the banking sector.

Despite his initial success in the financial industry, Cyrus’s downfall began when alcoholism infiltrated his life.

The consequences were swift and severe. Cyrus found himself dismissed from his banking job due to his serious alcohol problem, marking the abrupt end of his professional trajectory.

Stripped of his livelihood, he faced the daunting reality of unemployment and the insidious grip of addiction

Returning to his hometown of Murang’a, Cyrus sought solace and a chance to rebuild his life.

Yet, unemployment and the ensuing frustration only fueled his descent into alcohol dependency.

Loneliness, hopelessness, and idleness became his constant companions, exacerbating his drinking habits.

Despite efforts at rehabilitation, including enrollment in programs sponsored by the Murang’a county government, Cyrus struggled to break free from the clutches of alcohol.

The challenges of maintaining sobriety proved daunting, particularly in an environment replete with familiar triggers and influences.

Despite his resolve, Cyrus found himself succumbing to relapse time and again, highlighting the complexities of battling addiction.


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