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Kangemi Police detain woman, 20, over teeange boyfriend’s death

A 20-year-old woman has been arrested in relation to the murder of her boyfriend in Nairobi.

The body of Alvin Khaemba, 19, was found in a pool of blood.

Police say he was stabbed in the armpit and later succumbed to excessive bleeding.

A police report indicated the deceased and his girlfriend were heard in a heated argument on September 17, 2023, a scenario that may have led to the stabbing.

Police add the suspect accused the decreased of infidelity.

The couple moved in together three weeks ago.

Police who went to the scene of the crime recovered the killer’s weapon.

The woman was detained pending further probe as the body was moved to the mortuary.

The incident comes days after a woman in Kirinyaga was arrested and detained for stabbing her boyfriend.

The 38-year-old woman was accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death before she turned herself in at Kagio police station two days later.

Police said in a report the victim was stabbed five times by the suspect who works in the area as a barmaid at the trading centre.

The couple according to the police, were residents of Gichugu Constituency and had rented a house along Baricho Road in the commercial centre.

The police said they are seeking assistance from the suspect to recover the murder weapon, a knife, which as of now, remains undiscovered.

Police believe she hid the weapon after stabbing her boyfriend.


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