Kamene Goro Rushed To Hospital

Radio host Kamene Goro was yesterday rushed to the hospital following an accident at her house.

We are not yet sure what happened but the former NRG presenter took to social media to share photos riding in an ambulance on her way there.

Health care

She later posted a few other posts urging fans to stay calm and she will communicate further what just happened.

In another post, she also lamented how healthcare in the country is deteriorating even in private hospitals.

Had an unfortunate incident last night, at the new house that saw me ride the back of an ambulance for the first time ever. A lot of lessons have been learnt for sure. I’ll tell you more when I know more for sure. Bless you all for the love… lakini healthcare in Kenya.… It just gets worse, even private Hospitals. Can’t believe it. I swear I have never been in pain like this before…” she wrote.