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Heartbreak and heartache as Samidoh and wife, Edday split a day after he was spotted with Karen Nyamu

Edday Nderitu, the wife of popular Kenyan Mugithii singer Samidoh, has taken to social media to express her pain and frustration over her troubled marriage with the singer.

The mother of three, who has been married to Samidoh for 15 years, said that the last three years have been full of pain and humiliation, despite her remaining faithful to him.

“It has been exactly 15 years of marriage full of ups and down, it was a humble beginning where little was enough for us, and the last three years it has been nothing but pain, I have remained faithful to you regardless of disrespect, humiliation and being trolled on social media, you’ve made me look dumb and took my silence for granted,”

Edday wrote.

Her outburst follows recent photos of Samidoh with his alleged baby mama, nominated senator Karen Nyamu, that have been making rounds on social media.

Edday, who met Samidoh in high school and has been instrumental in nurturing his talent and building his brand, has said that she is not willing to raise her children in a polygamous family with a woman who does not respect her.

She has accused Nyamu of having no morals and zero respect for her family, and has warned Samidoh about the consequences of his actions.

In her emotional social media post, Edday has asked God to give her strength to pray for Samidoh but says that she cannot allow her children to be dragged into an ocean of pain.

She has said that she will continue to put God first in everything and has signed off with the hashtag “#nothingbutprayers.”

“‘Kiura Kia ngaba’ as you put it, I have asked God every day to give me strength to pray for you but today I have nothing to tell God about you, you have dragged and put me and my kids in an ocean of pain may you remember this day.#nothingbutprayers #eddaynderitu,”

she said.

The recent photos posted by Nyamu show her with Samidoh at an event, looking happy and smiling at each other. This is not the first time the two have been spotted together in public, and Nyamu had announced her alleged breakup with Samidoh in December.

Edday’s outburst has sparked online debate about infidelity and its impact on relationships, with many people expressing support for her and condemning Samidoh’s alleged actions.


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