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Lilian Muli: 5 Things You Need To Understand About Your Career Growth


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Career growth: A majority of us if not all have what I like to call ‘okay’ jobs.

We go to work, from 9-5, do what we are supposed to do, head home and then wake up the next day to do the same. But there are those other people who seem to thrive in whatever careers they are in.

They talk about their jobs like it’s a vacation. These are the people who are eager to jump out of bed on a chilly Monday morning to go to work while others struggle to keep their eyes open.

They impact thousands of lives through what they do while others just keep busy with tasks at work. They say that if you want to take charge of your career, you need to have a long-term plan in place. But what does that mean?

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That said, here are 5 truths that no one ever tells you about career growth;

1. Always look for growth

It goes without saying that the company you choose determines where your career will be in the future.

Always choose to work for a company that can offer you that growth you want rather than just choosing the big names. Before you apply for any job, always research the company and determine its future.

Also do not look for a job that pays better initially (I know it’s hard to do), but if you really know what you want out of your career you will not be afraid to take a pay cut just to achieve it.

2. When you strategize, be flexible

Where are you now and where do you want to be in a few years’ time? Truth is, if you don’t have a goal you are working towards, it is unlikely that you will get very far.

You need to define what is important to you in that next role you are eyeing. It could be a higher salary, a change of location or occupying a certain position in a company.

When you have this figured out, it will be very easy to now move from point A to point B. You will know what jobs to apply for and where. And then, when all is said and done, be flexible.

Remember that there are so many ways to achieve the goals you have set for yourself because if you are rigid you will miss out on a lot of opportunities.

3. Make it your lifelong goal to keep learning

The world will never stop changing, which means that you should make it your business to keep learning as much as you can. Technology is changing things at a fast pace and if you don’t keep up, you will be left behind.

There is never an excuse for ignorance. Make it a habit to lean into your weaknesses instead of trying to hide them, and sign up for courses that will help you build on what you are not good at.

Are you a great team player and head of a department who doesn’t influence others as you would like? A leadership course would help put you on the right track.

If you are a great worker but always find yourself terrified of speaking to a lot of people, maybe it’s about time you signed up for a public speaking course. Learn to invest your time and effort where it matters– you!

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4. Get yourself a mentor and always ask for advice

Seek out someone who has been in your situation but somehow managed to get past it. There is a ton you can learn from them. Some of us are in our current situation because we are afraid to ask for help.

I always say that there is no better investment than investing in yourself. Do you want to be among those who seem to thrive and enjoy what to do? Then get yourself a mentor.

The good news is that there are so many programs out there that you can invest in if you are serious about taking your career to the next level.

5. Always learn from experience

Experience as they say is the best teacher and failure is the stepping stone to success. Always learn from your mistakes and only then can you achieve the kind of career growth that you desire.

At the end of each day, always reflect on what you did, the mistakes that you made and what you did well. Then you are in a better place to face tomorrow knowing that you will not repeat the same mistakes.

And that’s how you grow. And above all, never regret anything. Each shortcoming is just a way of preparing you for the future.

With this in mind

Remember that you spend almost half your life at work. Spending all this time depressed, complaining and filled with ‘If Only’ wishes are what leads most professionals into deep unknown depression while others quit work completely.

Don’t get to this point. Seek advice while it’s still early.

About the author: Lilian Muli is an accomplished female news anchor with exceptional delivery. She is not only a celebrated presenter on national TV but also a businesswoman.


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