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Useful Tips for a Hassle-Free Back to School Season

It’s another back-to-school season. Schools are opening for a new year of studying for students undertaking the CBC and 8-4-4 curriculum after about two months of staying with parents at home. For those in schools offering the British curriculum, they are going back for the last term of the school year.

Whichever the case it is for these young learners under your care, the back- to-school season can be both exciting and stressful at the same time.

It is always great to see our little ones advance to a new stage in their lives as they acquire knowledge, this is specifically special for parents and guardians with children advancing from one level of education to another; whether it is from kindergarten to primary school, primary to secondary school or even transitioning to tertiary institutions.

Then there is the cost involved; paying school fees, buying uniforms, shoes, sports kits, books and other school requirements that vary from one institution to another.

80% Of Students Have Reported back to School- Magoha

In these tough economic times when we are just trying to recover from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the uncertainty caused by the ever-rising cost of living can make the back-to-school season an equally stressful one for both parents and children.

We’ve put together some tips to help you and your family plan for the start of the new school term, finding savings that could give you more freedom and convenience as you spend your money.

Back to school shopping

Compare prices before you shop. Shop at outlets that offer cheaper prices or have great discounts. It is important to check newspapers and online platforms for season deals. This can save you from the time it takes to walk from one shop to another.

Before you step out to go shopping, make a list of items you want are going to buy. This will be based on the school requirement list you were provided with from your child’s school and your child’s personal needs. Carefully sift through your list removing unnecessary items or items whose requirements are not that urgent.

Some new items are unavoidable, and kids grow fast, but you may be surprised how much of last year’s clothes still fit. If you have more than one child, check what’s hiding in the back of their wardrobe, it may fit their younger sibling.

Reuse and recycle

Does your school or neighborhood have a second-hand book exchange? It’s probably the cheapest way to equip your kids for the new term. If not, team up with fellow parents for books swap. The books your kids used in the last school year might just be what a neighbor is looking for and vice-versa.

Take advantage of debit and credit card rewards

Most debit and credit cards in the market usually have offers and promotions with cash-back or discount rewards to those who shop using cards. Find out if your bank has a current offer and use your card if you are shopping at an outlet that accepts credit or debit cards. You can also take advantage of loyalty cards from supermarkets. For instance parents shopping with Equity cards at Textbook Centre are enjoying a 5% discount for simply paying with their cards.

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Equity Bank customers can take advantage of the membership reward points from American Express, Equity Gold Credit Card and Equity Classic Credit Cards.

For your security and safety, it is advisable that you avoid transacting in cash when making purchases. Equity customers can conveniently make payments and transfer funds to their mobile wallets using the revamped Equity Mobile Application or by simply dialling *247#.

When doing online shopping, Equity customers can conveniently make payments or transfer money from the comfort of their home or office using Equity Bank’s Credit and Debit Cards, Equity Online or *247#.

Financial support

It is also important to evaluate your financial needs as children go back to school. Do you need a boost to pay their school fees, do shopping, get them pocket money or even need money for your other expenditures that are non-school related?

Through Equity Mobile and t*247#, Equity Customers can now access loans of up to Ksh. 3 million without the need to walk into a banking hall or filling up any papers. The loans have a repayment period of up to 1 year.

For needy but bright children transitioning into secondary from primary schools, Equity has offered 2,000 comprehensive scholarships through the Wings to Fly program offered by Equity Group Foundation.





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