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Isuzu East Africa hosts regional automotive competition

Isuzu EA has hosted its second regional aftersales and sales challenge dubbed the “Isuzu EA – 1 Grand-Prix Competition.” The event saw more than 60 top technicians, service advisors and sales representatives from Isuzu’s Dealer Network across Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania participating in the contest. The competition involved a rigorous set of activities that put the technician’s knowledge and skills to the test. A demonstration of technical prowess was required, ranging from vehicle parts knowledge, service advisory skills, and vehicle repair expertise.

Isuzu East Africa Managing Director, Rita Kavashe emphasized the critical role that technical proficiency has in the safe use of vehicles. This was in line with the theme of the competition – ‘Keeping our roads safe, one vehicle at a time.’

Speaking at the event the Managing Director who was recently appointed as Chair to the Isuzu EA Board said: ”This event is not merely a showcase of technical and mechanical prowess, but a testament to the dedication and commitment of individuals who are at the forefront of ensuring the safety and reliability of vehicles on our roads. Today, we gather not merely as competitors, but as champions of safety, guardians of reliability, and custodians of customer care.”

Julius Ndegwa, Isuzu EA Director Aftersales & Channel Development reiterated the importance of upskilling automotive technicians as well as drivers on road safety. “Recently, we embarked on a nationwide road safety campaign known as the Eyes on the Road Campaign. We are doing this to promote driver wellness and our vehicle’s reliability to enhance overall safety in public and school transportation for our customers across the country,” Mr Ndegwa remarked.

“With an extensive reach in East Africa, the dealers drive the accomplishment of Isuzu East Africa’s objectives. The Isuzu technicians are a very essential part of our service to customers. The expertise shown in this competition is a demonstration of our delivery on the promise that Isuzu makes,” said George Wambugu, Managing Director of Thika Motor Dealers (TMD) and Chairman of the Isuzu EA Dealers Council.

On his part, the chief guest at the event, Mr. Masakazu Fukasawa, Vice President, Aftersales Division, Isuzu Motors International FZE, congratulated Isuzu EA for hosting its second edition of the Grand Prix competition. “I am delighted to witness this special event here in Nairobi which will no doubt strengthen the skills of our aftersales teams to ensure Isuzu vehicles deliver great performance and safety for our customers,” he said.

The competition, held at the Isuzu EA Plant in Nairobi, had four categories that included Service Technical (CV Division), Service Advisor, Spare Parts, and Vehicle Sales. From this competition, the best technicians and advisors in service skills and automotive knowledge will be picked to represent Isuzu East Africa at the annual global Isuzu Grand Prix competition later this year. At the 2023 I-1 Grand Prix Isuzu Global Technical Competition, Isuzu EA technicians scored position 11 against 33 (improving by two positions from 2022). The skills and techniques acquired from the international experience contribute significantly to high-quality aftersales support for Isuzu customers in this region.


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