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9 great movies to watch this weekend

Need something great to watch this weekend? Don’t worry. We’ve got you. Whether you prefer to log in to Netflix, visit your movie plug, or queue some items on Utorrent, you should definitely get busy and start watching the following flicks.

Infinity Pool 

Infinity Pool has one of the most creative sci-fi plots in recent years. It follows an author, who accidentally kills someone while on vacation on the fictional country of Li Toqa, only to discover that the rich can escape the death penalty by paying to have themselves cloned and watch as their new versions get executed instead.

Corruption and libertinism, therefore, emerge as the common themes, with the country’s law enforcement officers happy to allow tourists to commit heinous crimes as long as they pay. Additionally, there’s a fascinating plot revolving around fan obsession, where a married woman in the country keeps stalking the writer.


Good casting matters a lot in comedy movies since naturally funny actors always do a great job of covering for plot weaknesses. Well, Idiocracy largely benefits from this by having Terry Crews play a dimwitted US President in the year 2505 who relies on a time-travelling magician to save a struggling economy.

Apart from treating fans to various hilarious moments from Crews and company, the movie also provides great commentary on the negative effects of technology. In this particular timeline, humans have evolved into dumber versions because computers do everything. Other themes such as corporatocracy, overpopulation, and commercialism also get heavily dissected, making Idiocracy one of the best films you need to see if you want to rack up your brain.


It’s been 26 years since Christopher “Biggie Smalls” Wallace, aka, The Notorious BIG died but the rapper is still held in high regard by Hip Hop fans. While much of his story is known, more intriguing details—specifically those surrounding his much-publicized feud with Tupac Shakur—are provided in Notorious.

Like with most biopics about wildly talented musicians, the performances and recording sessions are the best moments. Most of the rapper’s hits are not only played throughout the proceedings but the story behind the creation process also gets explained. One of the most unforgettable moments involving Notorious BIG performing “Who Shot Ya?” a song that fanned the flames of animosity.

The Marine

There have been five sequels to The Marine so far but the original, starring John Cena, remains the most entertaining. Compared to other films from WWE Studios, the John Bonito movie has high production values and flawless script, putting it on par with other great action movies of the 2000s.

As the former Iraq-based marine, John Triton, John Cena proves that he has what it takes to be part of the Hollywood elite. Away from the action, the movie addresses a common challenge that members of the military go through, and that’s the struggle to adjust to normal life after being discharged.

Attack The Block 

Attack The Block starts out as yet another gang story but soon morphs into a wildly entertaining alien invasion movie. The mayhem all starts when extraterrestrials take advantage of the distraction caused by Britain’s annual Guy Fakes Night and invade a neighborhood in South London.

The task of protecting humanity falls on a street gang and since they aren’t equipped for this kind of task, the job ends up being a hard one. Sci-fi fans will also be impressed by the creature designs, as the aliens have bioluminescent jaws and are able to easily move around without any eyes.

3:10 To Yuma

In the current age, it’s more sensible to make modern westerns than Spaghetti Westerns but some directors have still gone the traditional route and found success. James Mangold’s 3:10 To Yuma is a great example, and one of the reasons it works is because of the outstanding performances from its star-studded cast.

3:10 To Yuma effectively uses the cat-and-mouse format in a story about Dan (Christian Bale), a poor war veteran, who spends his days hunting down the notorious outlaw, Ben Wade (Russel Crowe). By choosing not to reinvent the wheel, the film ends up getting all the basics right hence curving its spot among the best Westerns of the 21st century.


As a movie about one of the most popular US Vice Presidents of all time. Vice could still have been good if it was an account-for-account coverage of Dick Cheney’s life. However, director Adam McKay chooses to be clever with the execution. For example, halfway into the proceedings, audiences are tricked into thinking the film has ended.

Early into his career, it’s stated that Cheney has retired in order to raise golden retrievers, which implies creative liberties have been taken and his political achievements have been ignored completely. It’s undoubtedly one of the most impressive fakeout movie endings as moments later, it emerges that it was all a joke. This, and incredible method-acting from Christian Bale, make the biopic worth a watch.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart might be the most famous violinist in history but many could hold a candle to him, notably Chevalier de Saint-Georges. Chevalier tells the story of the French composer, who was born from an affair between a White plantation owner and an African slave.

While music is the biopic’s main focus, it mostly entertains through the tense plots that revolve around elitism, interracial love, and jealousy. After being knighted by Queen Marie-Antoinette, Chevalier de Saint-Georges finds himself targeted by all kinds of enemies and as is mostly the case in real-life, he doesn’t win.


Barbarian is extremely disturbing as it features a hideous villain and flashbacks to acts of sexual assault. What starts out as a simple decision to rent a home before a job interview ends up being a horror show for Tess when she is hunted by a secret dweller known as The Mother.

Most of the scenes involve Tess fighting for her life and unlike the stereotypical scream queens that are normally no match for the villain, she is shown to be very formidable. Various people attempt to help her but they all get killed. Luckily, Tess makes it all the way to the end. 



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