Saturday, April 17, 2021
president kenyatta

President Kenyatta Restricts Travelling, Schools Closed, Normalcy Halts Due To Coronavirus

President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced a travel ban restricting entry into Kenya for anyone coming from any country with reported coronavirus cases. This comes after...
Kakamega Primary

DCI: Role Kakamega Primary teachers played in tragedy

Could the tragedy that occurred at Kakamega Primary have been avoided? This seems to be what the DCI is suggesting in preliminary investigations. According to...

14 Pupils Confirmed Dead In School Stampede, Several injured In Kakamega

The death toll from the stampede that occurred on Monday evening at Kakamega Primary School has risen to 14 after one more pupil succumbed...

He Scored 277 In KCPE, But Got An A- In KCSE Exams

Samson Gachie was on Wednesday declared the best-improved student in the KCSE 2019 examination results. Gachie who scored an A- was announced as having the...

Sad Story Of Mkokoteni Pusher Who Is Mathematics Graduate

There is a common saying; when life gives you a lemon instead of an orange, you can make lemonade out of it. But what...

9 Year Old Belgian Boy, Youngest To Graduate With A University Degree

As he cradles his young puppy in his arms, Laurent Simons looks much like any other 9-year-old boy. Then he starts describing his work...

Pupils Of Precious Talent Excel In KCPE Despite Sitting The Exam Amidst Challenges

The 2019 KCPE results released on Monday, November 18, by Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha were well received by pupils, candidates, and teachers of...

Alarming Number Of Students Killed At Masinde Muliro University In 2019

Campus deaths at Masinde Muliro University have sent shockwaves around the country. This is because three students have been killed within a month. The latest...

Details of fresh radical teachers training plan

All persons wishing to teach in Kenyan schools must specialise in various subject areas. Teachers will enroll for teachers training plan based on the...

Sonko bans kindergarten graduation ceremonies

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has banned kindergarten graduation ceremonies in Nairobi. According to the controversial Nairobi Governor, the ceremonies are designed to extort parents under...

Former President Kibaki Rumoured to be in Hospital Three Weeks On

Ailing former President Mwai Kibaki is still at The Nairobi Hospital. Kibaki, 89, was admitted to the hospital on March 9. Initially, he was being treated...