IT expert explains why IEBC hack claims are untrue using simple example


“Let’s talk IEBC hack for complete dummies.

See that BOX your kid puts all his toys? If your kid needs some toys he just puts his hand in and grabs what he/she needs from the BOX.

Suppose your BOX listens and spits out the appropriate toys, how would the kid talk to the BOX? If your kid wanted red toys he might say something close to “SELECT ALL TOYS WHERE COLOR = RED” – spits out red toys. He can also say “SELECT ALL TOYS WHERE EYES = 2 AND COLOR = RED” – spits out red toys with 2 eyes.

That box is the database. Those SELECT sentences must be said in a manner that the box/Database can understands. They are called SQL statements. SQL stands for Structured Query Language, don’t ask anyone how you pronounce SQL, you will never hear the end of it.

There are many types of boxes aka databases made by different guys. IEBC likes a box called Oracle. It apparently can hold more toys and thinks very fast. The Oracle Box also has a better padlock. Whenever the box is told to do something it records it in a paper called a Log.

So, if I put in my key, the BOX records that “6:15 pm – Sam put in a key”, I do a SELECT, it records that too. This Log is very important, if someone opened it when I was not looking, I would read through this Log to see what happened between certain times.

My friends know that I have an Oracle BOX but they don’t have keys to my BOX.

Now, a friend of mine called N wants to frame another friend of mine called J for stealing a toy from the box, he wants to tell all our friends that J is a bad person. N has no access to my Box so that he cant steal the Log and edit times, like change “6:15 pm – Sam put in a key” to “6:15 pm – J put in a key”.

N comes up with with a brilliant plan. He decides to buy his own box, and make it write a Log. He goes to the Shop and buys a box made by a company called Microsoft. He then does all the stuff he thinks I usually do with my box so that our Logs look similar like “SELECT ALL RED TOYS”

Finally, N gets his Log and edits it so that the time frames make sense. He releases the Log to my friends claiming its from my machine.

Unfortunately for N, when quickly trying to make the fake log, he makes some mistakes. Like, the dates don’t make sense. The log is also created by a Microsoft BOX and not My Oracle BOX. It also shows that it was created in a fake house so that no evidence would ever be found after N deletes the fake house aka Virtual Machine.

N only realises his mistake when friends start laughing at him saying “haraka haraka haina baraka”

Very embarrassing for N.”

Wanjohi is an IT expert who works at ShulePro.