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World’s longest serving leaders

1. Fidel Castro led Cuba for 52 years, 62 days from 16th February 1959 to 19th April 2011;

2. Kim il Sung led North Korea for 48 years, 203 days, from 17th December 1945 to 8th July 1994;

3. Yumjaagiin Tsedenbal led Mongolia for 44 years, 137 days, from 8th April 1940 to 23rd August 1984;

4. Paul Biya has been in “high office” in Cameroon since 30th June 1975 (42 years), i.e. as Prime Minister from 30th June 1975 to 5th November 1982, and as President since 6th November 1982 to date;

5. Col. Muammar Gaddafi led Libya for 42 years, 49 days from 1st September 1969 to 20th October 2011;

6. Omar Bongo led Gabon for 41 years, 155 days from 2nd December 1967 to 6th May 2009;

7. Enver Hoxha led Albania for 40 years, 171 days from 22nd October 1944 to 11th April 1985;

8. Mohammed Abdelaziz led Sahrawi for 39 years, 275 days from 30th August 1976 to 31st May 2016;

9. Gen. Francisco Franco led Spain for 39 years, 50 days from 1st October 1936 to 20th November 1975;

10. Teodoro Obiang Nguema has been leader of Equatorial Guinea since 3rd August 1979 (38 years), and is still in office;

11. Jose Eduardo dos Santos led Angola for 38 years, 16 days, from 10th September 1979 to 26th September 2017;

12. Gnassingbe Eyadema led Togo for 37 years, 297 days from 14th April 1967 to 5th February 2005;

13. Robert Gabriel Mugabe led Zimbabwe for 37 years, 217 days from 18th April 1980 to 21st November 2017;

14. Josip Broz Tito led Yugoslavia for 36 years, 157 days from 29th November 1943 to 4th May 1980;

15. Antonio Salazar led Portugal for 36 years, 82 days from 5th July 1932 to 25th September 1968;

16. Todor Zhivkov led Bulgaria for 35 years, 258 days from 4th March 1954 to 17th November 1989;

17. Alfredo Stroessner led Paraguay for 34 years, 172 days from 15th August 1954 to 3rd February 1989;

18. Felix Houphouet-Boigny led Cote d’Ivoire 33 years, 122 days from  7th August 1960 to 7th December 1993;

19. Hun Sen has been leader of Cambodia since 14th January 1985 (32 years), and is still in office;

20. Dawda Jawara led The Gambia for 32 years, 40 days from 12th June 1962 to 22nd July 1994;

21. Pham Van Dong led both North Vietnam and the unified Vietnam for a total combined consecutive period of 31 years, 271 days from 20th September 1955 to 18th June 1987;

22. Yoweri Museveni has been leader of Uganda since 26th January 1986 (31 years), and is still in office;

23. Janos Kadar led Hungary for 31 years, 215 days from 25th October 1956 to 27th May 1988;

24. Habib Bourguiba led Tunisia for 31 years, 210 days from 11th April 1956 to 7th November 1987;

25. Mobutu Sese Seko led the Democratic Republic of Congo for 31 years, 173 days from 24th November 1965 to 16th May 1997;

26. Hastings Kamuzu Banda led Malawi for 31 years, 109 days from 1st February 1963 to 21st May 1994;

27. Rafael Trujillo led the Dominican Republic for 31 years, 88 days from 3rd March 1930 to 30th May 1961;

28. Suharto led Indonesia for 31 years, 70 days from 12th March 1967 to 21st May 1998;

29. Joseph Stalin led the Soviet Union for 30 years, 336 days from 3rd April 1922 to 5th March 1953;

30. Abdou Diouf led Senegal for 30 years, 35 days from 26th February 1970 to 1st April 2000;

31. Maumoon Abdul Gayoom led the Maldives for 30 years from 11th November 1978 to 11th November 2008;

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