Man survives first shooting, gets shot again at Mwingi hospital ward

A ward at Mwingi Level Four Hospital

Patients screamed in horror as two men stormed Mwingi Level Four Hospital and pumped bullets into a 27-year-old man who had just survived another shooting.

A horrified woman who was sitting next to her brother, Fredrick Ngandi Musyimi, watched as one of the gunmen coldly emptied bullets into the helpless patient, while another stood guard at the surgical ward’s door, his eyes never leaving bed number 3. The man had been admitted to the ward’s left wing that accommodates about 15 patients.

The open ward has two rows of beds separated by a pathway. Musyimi, who was on a drip, was in bed number three. When The Standard visited the ward yesterday, he was still covered with a sheet drenched in blood. The dramatic killing of the patient was executed by two men wearing heavy jackets. They stormed the ward and shot the sleeping patient in the stomach. He died on the spot.

His sister, who had rushed to the hospital from Nairobi after learning of his earlier shooting, watched in disbelief as life ebbed out of Musyimi during the 2.30am attack.

According to Ken Muriuki, a senior nurse at the hospital, Musyimi was brought in with six gunshot wounds by two policemen on Wednesday at 7.30pm. The officers said they found the man from Ukasi, along Mwingi-Garissa Highway, after he dragged himself from the bush. He had been shot and wounded.



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