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‘Tunakuja CBD’ Fearless Raila now tells police

Azimio leader Raila Odinga has criticized the Kenyan government for deploying a large number of police officers to prevent his convoy from accessing the Central Business District (CBD).

Speaking in Embakasi South, Raila stated that he would head to the CBD after he was done with his rounds, regardless of the heavy police presence.

He further stated that the Azimio movement would not be intimidated and that they were bringing the voice of redemption from a dictatorial administration.

“Hata wakiweka askari ngapi, Azimio itapita. Tunaleta sauti ya ukombozi ya kukomboa Kenya kutoka utawala wa kiimla, utawala ya kimabavu, ya udanganyifu. Tunataka utawala safi, wakenya wanataka ukombozi.”

(No matter the number of police they deploy, Azimio will make headway. We are bringing the voice of redemption from a dictatorial administration. We want clean leadership, Kenyans want liberation)

“Tunazunguka sasa tunaelekea kule chini halafu tunarudi huku town.”

Raila asserted that Kenyans would not tire until the cost of living was lowered, and they were liberated from what he called a dictatorial regime.

He claimed that the people wanted clean leadership, and Azimio was dedicated to bringing about the liberation of the nation.

Despite the heavy police presence, Raila maintained that Azimio would make headway and that even with a million officers, he would still lead his supporters to the CBD from Embakasi.

This comes after Raila declared enhanced defiance against the Kenyan government under President William Ruto and announced that demonstrations would henceforth be held on Mondays and Thursdays.

In both demonstrations held this week, Raila’s convoy faced resistance from police officers who had barricaded all roads leading to the CBD. Thursday marked the third mass protest organized by the Azimio movement.


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