Tanzania has lifted the suspension for all Kenyan flights after Kenya opened its skies to her flights on Tuesday.

“For the purpose of this release, therefore, the resumption and restoration of flights for all operators are with immediate effect,” director general Hamza Johari said.

In a statement on Wednesday, Johari said Tanzania shall always strive to adhere to the fundamental principles and bilateral air services between the two states.

The Kenyan Government on Tuesday added Tanzania to the list of countries allowed in after easing restrictions.

In the latest review of the countries whose travelers are exempted from the 14-day mandatory quarantine upon arrival, Tanzania is among the 147 nations.

Other countries that have been added to the list include Ghana, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone.

In August, Tanzania banned Kenya Airways from flying into the country, deepening the row between the two neighboring countries.

The Tanzanian Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) said Kenya Airways flights were being banned “on a reciprocal basis”.

Tanzania has taken a controversially relaxed approach to tackle the coronavirus pandemic and began reopening the country two months ago.