To guarantee the safety of Kenyans and prevent the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19), the government has issued a directive for individuals to observe social distancing and those arriving from countries with coronavirus cases to self-quarantine.

Staying at home and not having anything to do can be boring, especially if you are used to the outdoors. Here are a few things you can engage in to keep boredom at bay:

Live stream concerts

Kenya’s very own Sauti Sol recently treated their fans to an Instagram live concert.

“Well, y’all are in for a treat today. Free IG Live concert, so no need to call a guy who knows someone who works with the organizer for comps. Everyone is a VVIP and drip is a must! You have to look pretty before tuning in haha. Spread the good vibes, staying home doesn’t have to be boring at all,” the group posted.

Thousands of fans tuned in and engaged in the comments section. Internationally, John Legend, Coldplay among other musicians held free, virtual concerts.

So keep an eye out because your favorite musician might just be planning a free concert!

Binge-watching and making content

You know the movies you have been promising you’ll watch, or the thousands of videos you’ve saved on your ‘watch later’ playlist on YouTube because you didn’t have the time? Well, the time has come for you to catch up on them.

If you have dreamed of creating content on YouTube or any other social media platform, this is the confirmation you have been waiting for, start now.

For the existing content creators, this is the time to step your game up a notch.

Learn a new skill

With the school of YouTube at your disposal, try and learn something new. You can learn a skill, a language, try a new recipe, the list is endless.

Again, if there is something you wanted to familiarize yourself with, try and perfect the art now. An example is putting on makeup. Ladies, if you have wanted to learn how to do your eyebrows the correct way, work on them now.


This is very crucial because most individuals postpone their self-care because of limited time. Self-care is not only limited to your physical body, but it also involves your mental and emotional health as well.  During this quarantine period, try as much as possible to be in tune with all aspects of yourself including your surroundings.

You can plan your self-care activities to fall under different days, for example;

On Monday, clean out your space and declutter your closet; Tuesday, care for your body. Take a bath or shower, wash your hair or trim your beard if you have any. Groom your nails. Wednesday, try a new healthy recipe, detox and practice healthy eating habits. Thursday, work out and meditate. Friday, journal, and plan. Repeat this, changing what works for you as you go along.


Take your time to reflect on the goodness of the Lord and pray for His intervention amid the crisis the world is facing.