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Lady Maureen In Plea For Help After Her Employee Disappeared With 56,000ksh

Musician Lady Maureen is asking for Kenyans to help her track one of her employees who made away with her Ksh 56,000 that was meant for deposit.

The queen of Ohangla lost the money after trusting one of her employees to make a bank deposit after she went to the bank and got a long queue.


Maureen couldn’t stand in line so she gave her employee the money to deposit while she waited in the car. Unfortunately, the employee slide out, went and took his wife and kids and ran away with the money.

Maureen is now asking for help to track the man.

”The queue was long so Maureen decided to leave him with the cash to deposit, since then Maureen has not seen him, the money was not deposited, his phones are off, we just heard from his brother that he went to the house, took the wife and his kid and went away, kindly share his photos all over, if you happen to see him kindly cal me on this number 0712490825 or call Maureen on 0710438671, reward KSh 3,000,” Connie Kabarry. 


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