Diamond Platnumz: Why I cheated on Zari and Tanasha

Diamond Platnumz News: Controversy and women seem to follow Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz. The singer who recently broke up with his Kenyan lover Tanasha ‘Donna’ Oketch has opened up on why he cheated on his former wife Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan. His reason could very well be the same in the case of Ms. Tanasha.

It is also notable that his close friend and popular Kenyan radio presenter Maina Kageni recently revealed that the singer has at some point admitted to him that he heats due to his high sex drive. His family too, has also publicly declared that the singer ought to have as much sex as possible to match his youthfulness and sex appetite.

In the first instance of cheating on Zari, the singer said that he had an affair with Hamisa Mobetto who was the sexy video vixen in his hit song ‘Salome. The two now have a child together.

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He blamed the devil for leading him astray.

“Shetani akanipitia na Tukaanza tena kuwa na mawasiliano ya kimahaba mpaka pale.”

(The devil took over me and that is when we started the illicit love affair)

@hamisamobetto alipopata ujauzito. Nilimuambia mimi ni Baba mwenye familia yangu. Inabidi jambo hili libaki kati yangu mimi na wewe. Sikupenda kuikana Mimba, ni damu yangu na kila siku iendayo kwa Mungu nilikuwa nampatia matumizi.” 

The saga broke into the open after Ms. Mobetto named the child after Diamond’s father Abdul Naseeb.

Shortly thereafter, photo of Diamond in bed with Ms. Mobetto were leaked. It was only then that Diamond admitted to having an affair with the lady. He went on to say that he had been taking care of Ms. Mobetto.

“Kabla hajajifungua mimi nilimnunulia Rav 4 mpya kabisa sikupenda ateseke na mtoto. Na nilikuwa nampa pesa ya matumizi ya kiasi cha shilingi laki 5 kila wiki.”  Diamond said.

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He concluded by pleading for forgiveness from Zari. “Kikubwa leo nataka kumuomba samahani mke wangu @ZariTheBosslady na watoto wangu kwa makosa niliyofanya.” – @diamondplatnumz. Diamond Platnumz News.


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