22 Year Old Lady Is Sorrowful After Giving Birth To Four Babies She Is Unable To Take Care Of

A 22-year-old woman could not hide her grief after she gave birth to four babies at the Tenwek Mission Hospital in Bomet.

Faith Chepngetich Tonui, a casual laborer at Silibwet trading center, delivered two boys and two girls.

“The mother is doing well, she can walk around without any complication, the challenge is in her diet, which we are working on,” a nurse said.

However, Faith, who would have been expected to be elated at the birth of her children, is in turmoil.

The babies were born prematurely and weigh 1.4, 1.3, 1.2 and 1.1kgs respectively.

According to the nurse, the babies were placed inside an incubator and are being monitored because of their weight.

The quadruplets will be in the incubator for the next two months until they are fit to go home, the nurse added.

Faith intimated her fears of not being to offset the medical bill because she and her newborn children will have to stay in the hospital longer than she expected.

She said she does menial jobs which are sometimes not forthcoming and her husband does not have a job.

“My husband is not employed, I have another child at home, we sometimes sleep on empty stomachs, now I don’t know.. ” she lamented.

The babies in an incubator. Photo: PAUL RUTO
Faith Tonui. PHOTO | PAUL RUTO

She currently works at the Silibwet Trading Center juggling between doing laundry for pay and picking tea.


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