Becoming a pilot involves arduous training, dedication, and years of building experience.

The privacy accorded to pilots in the cockpit fuels interest and curiosity about what happens inside.

Members of the public are not allowed inside but in this article, spoke to a pilot who revealed things many do not know happens during a flight.

A plane pictured on its final approach.
A plane pictured on its final approach.

Pilots are not allowed to eat the same food in case one of them develops complications.

The explanation makes a lot of sense when you think about the risks of having the only two people who can control the big metal bird pacing in and out of the toilet during the entire flight.

Speaking about the bathroom, cockpits must have at least two people at any one time during a flight.

When either of the captains needs to relieve themself, the colleague cannot be left alone for any second during the flight.

A member of the cabin crew has to be called into the flight deck when any one of the pilots needs to leave. This is to ensure that in case the captain left in the cockpit becomes incapacitated, the cabin crew member can provide first aid and call back the second pilot.

Since planes can fly on autopilot, captains are allowed to take controlled naps during long flights but they have to coordinate using verbal confirmations to ensure that at least one of them is awake while the other takes a rest.

Pilot uniforms are distinct and very prestigious because appearance is very key. You will always spot the men looking dapper with very well maintained facial hair.

Captains are not allowed to grow a thick beard which can impede the working of an oxygen mask when the need arises. Since many planes cruise at a height of 40,000 ft, they have an in-built system that helps everyone on board breathe normally.

However, in the rare instance the system fails, passengers are trained on how to wear oxygen masks until the plane lands at the closest airport.

When a plane is below 10,000 ft, pilots are not allowed to engage in friendly banter or chit chat.

This height is considered the critical phase of a flight which occurs when the plane is taking off or landing.

This helps them focus on controlling the plane either until it lands or achieves cruising altitude where they can engage autopilot.

Music is also not allowed in the cockpit but while cruising the skies, the pilots can pass time by sharing stories or past experiences.

Pilots in a cockpit
Pilots in a cockpit