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Waititu Rushed to Hospital After Collapsing at Home

Former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu was rushed to hospital on Sunday, June 4, after collapsing at his home.

His lawyer John Swaka confirmed on Monday, June 5, that the politician was recovering in hospital, hence not able to appear in court during the hearing of a Ksh588 million case filed against him.

The lawyer, however, failed to break down Waititu’s ailment.

“He collapsed yesterday and had to be rushed to hospital. He is in recovery right now but he could not appear before the court,” Swaka stated.

Additionally, Swaka indicated to the magistrate that Waititu’s wife Susan Wangari was with him in hospital and therefore could also not appear before the court.

“We will be unable to continue the hearing today because of that. His wife is also with him in hospital,” noted the lawyer.

Swaka added that he had only received the message and did not have any documentation to present before the magistrate at the time.

Magistrate Thomas Nzioki asked Waitiu’s lawyer to avail himself before the court on Tuesday, June 6, to provide the court with the necessary medical records as well as any other documentation.

Waititu was supposed to appear in court for the hearing of the Ksh588 million graft case against him. The former Governor was accused of allegedly benefiting from tenders amounting to Ksh588 million alongside five other individuals.

Investigators from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) detailed that the tender in question was awarded to a company where the former governor’s proxies sit.

“On the 21st of February, 2022 five (5) of the accused persons in the anti-corruption case who were members of the tender evaluation committee filed a petition in the Anti Corruption and Economic Crimes Division of the High Court challenging the institution of the anti-corruption case before the Magistrate’s court.

“The petitioners sought a declaration that the prosecution of the case which is ongoing before the Chief Magistrate’s Court in the Anti-Corruption Division is unconstitutional and amounts to an abuse of the legal process,” the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution noted in October 2022.

The former governor had maintained his innocence throughout the investigations.


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