January, christened Njaanuary is arguably the most stressful month of the year. After over indulging and overspending in December, most folks begin the month on a shoe-string budget. The situation is made worse by the beginning of the year commitments such as school fees. Simply the fist month of the year never seems to end and stress builds with every passing day towards the 90th day of January.

Well, the official Mercedes Benz Club of Kenya (MBCK) members will not have any of that and have organized the Toa Stess Drive for her members. The drives which are held several times a year are events when the proud owners of the highly coveted German machines bring them out to do what they do best, hit the road. The drive is for the most part a leisure drive but members get opportunities to race and enjoy the thrill and power of their machines.

MBCK Toa Stress Kiambu Drive - Bizna
MBCK Toa Stress Kiambu Drive – Newsday Kenya

At the end of last year the MBCK organized a successful 2 day drive to the lake side city of Kisumu where they were received with pomp and colour. The drive took members through the scenic Nairobi – Nakuru – Salgaa – Londiani – Muhoroni – Kisumu route and returned via the Sotik – Bomet – Narok – Mai Mahiu route.

Tomorrows Toa Stress Drive is open to all Mercedes Benz owners and will see members assemble at Nakumatt Ridgeways at 8:00 am and start the drive at 9:00 am promptly.

MBCK Members
MBCK Members – Newsday Kenya


  • Kiambu Rd all the way to the Kiamburing and slight diversion into Eden Tea Estate for Photo Shoot (1st Stopover)
  • Continue towards Limuru and take Waiyaki Way to the Nandos at Kinungi Flyover. (2nd Stopover)
  • Take Flyover-Thika route via Mang’u
  • Arrive at Blends Thika
  • (Take first left into Thika Town and proceed to the building on your right that has the Nandos/Pizza Inn).
  • Blends is on the 1st Flr.
  • Lunch and Refreshments to follow.
Blend Thika - Bizna
Blend Thika – Newsday Kenya

Besides the drives, the club provides members with opportunities to bond and get to learn more about the different types of Mercedes Benz cars and their capabilities. Further, the club boasts of a wide network of vehicle and parts dealers in Kenya and other parts of the world making is easier and cheaper to get any car, part or accessory you need from trusted sourcdes and with minimal hustle. The club has in her membership Mercedes Benz mechanics and experts who keep other members’ Benz’s in excellent shape at a fair price.

See you in Kiambu
Der beste oder nicht!
To join or know more about the Mercedes Benz Club of Kenya visit the MBCK website or Facebook page

MBCK Convoy rules

The following is a list of rules intended as a guide to the behavior expected of members and guests whilst participating in any MBCK Drive..

These guidelines are crucial to ensuring the safety of participants and members of the public,and to ensure participants arrive at the destination as a group.


Pacesetter Car

The Lead Car must adjust speed at all times to conform with the set speed limits; this will therefore set the pace of convoy

Middle Sweeper:

The Middle Sweeper ensures Members in the middle are ok, he will alternate between the Lead Pack and Trailing Pack.


The sweeper keeps visual contact with the Lead Car (if possible) and ensures the convoy is in formation. The Sweeper is the last car in the Convoy.



There is an existing speed limit of 100 KPH. All participants are required to adhere to this to ensure safety of participants and to avoid getting arrested or attracting fines.


MBCK will not tolerate the abuse of controlled substances or alcohol by any individual wishing to participate in the event.


Each and every participant is required to observe the Traffic Act as defined by the Laws of Kenya. Violation of these may lead to disqualification. In the event that a participant violates a traffic law and is arrested or fined, MBCK will not be responsible.


• Arrive at the starting point in good time for the briefing on the route and destination of the trip.

• If you are unexpectedly running late, let the organizers know.

• Keep good distance with the car you are following.

• Overtake only when legal and safe to do so.

• If a member of the group or public wants to overtake you, please let them. Don’t close up the gap to the car in front of you and force the overtaking car into a dangerous maneuver.

• Do not commit the cardinal sin of overtaking the trip leader.

• If you are not the last car and you make a turn or go through lights that change, wait for the car behind to catch up.

• Allow other drivers to move in and out of your convoy. Be patient in letting them find their place and pass them if necessary when they settle in a bad spot.

• If you are going to leave the group before the end of the trip, please tell the Lead Car and the Sweeper know.


• Call the Sweeper using the numbers provided

• Flash your lights .

• If a car gets in trouble, nobody in the convoy stops EXCEPT for the sweeper. The sweeper will ensure everything is alright and the convoy must proceed on until a suitable

stopping place is found.

• Your car should have a Jack,wheel spanner, two (2) safety triangles, flash light, jumper cables (if automatic) and well pressurized spare tire.

• Check and ensure that all brake, indicator, parking and head lights are working.

• At least 3 days before the trip check , adjust/ replace and test drive brakes (foot and handbrake), bonnet latch, wheel bearings, shock absorber mounting, ball joints and key suspension bushes. Avoid any major works on the vehicle a day before the drive.

• On the morning of the drive, check and top-up window washer, coolant, oil, ATF and any other lubes to the correct level.

• Ensure that you have a tool kit in the vehicle with the most common and basic spanners applicable to your vehicle.


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