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The story of MC Kats, Faith Ntaborwa: Private videos, HIV infection, crystal meth


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MC Kats and Faith Ntaborwa met in 2017. Their tumultuous relationship became public in 2020 after she released a private video recorded from Kats’ house.

In the video, Kats is seen sleeping on the couch facing the wall, while Ntaborwa moves around the room showing off alcohol bottles and used condoms.

She said she released the video after Kats said unbecoming things about her. In another interview, she said her phone was stolen and that’s how it leaked.

Faith Ntaborwa said she sank into depression when people started claiming she was H.I.V. positive and started taking crystal meth, one of the most potent recreational drugs.

Kats announced that he was H.I.V. positive in 2019.

Going public with this information had a spillover effect on his known girlfriends because people started pointing fingers.

Even his baby mama Fille Mutoni said it was a selfish move, as he hadn’t informed her prior to going public.

Meanwhile, Faith Ntaborwa said when MC Kats found out that she was on drugs, he started “sending rich people toward her”.

Toward the Covid-induced lockdown, she said she was surprised when she started meeting random rich people.

Ntaborwa locked herself in the house and survived on Crystal Meth alone.

Her dad finally took her to rehab in Butabika Hospital’s Alcohol and Drug Unit (A.D.U.).

She said she hoped to be in rehab for like three months but was released after one.

Speaking to the media in 2021, she said she still had some issues before being released.

At some point, she was accused of stealing a phone, but she said she didn’t remember doing that.

Then she later said she took the phone because she had developed a phone phobia. That she always thought anyone holding a phone near her was recording her. That she had taken the phone to delete the information and return it. Though, according to the owner, she initially denied taking the phone.

The news was broken by T.V. host Zahara Totto. According to Faith Ntaborwa, she once shared the same man with Totto, so she used the opportunity to revenge by blowing the story out of proportion.

The owner of the phone reported her to police and she spent a night in a holding cell.

She would return to rehab again and blamed MC Kats for influencing her dad to take her back.

She said Kats was lying about her stalking him.

She said Kats never buys beer, rather he is always begging her to buy.

That he can’t buy himself cigarettes.

At some point, she hit Kats’ car with a stone after he and his buddies tried to force her to leave the bar and go home. She said she still wanted to have fun, but the Kats were leaving. They were at Laftaz Lounge.

Kats took her to the police but she was released after her brother called MC Kats and told him to forgive her because she is mentally ill.

Kats said she used to fight in bars whenever she would get drunk

Faith Ntaborwa used to work at Fame Lounge where MC Kats was an emcee for a while.

Ntaborwa is said to have been a serious baller, hanging out with some of the top celebrities, politicians, and businessmen in Kampala. Rumours even swirled that she dated Bebe Cool after a picture with him emerged.

There were rumours that she is Fille Mutoni’s cousin, but Faith dismissed that.

She said she’s just friends with Fille but they are not related. She met Fille before Kats.


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