No relationship is perfect. Everyone has arguments once in a while. However, if you find that you are arguing more than usual or if you cannot talk to each other without getting into a fight, you may be in the wrong relationship for you. Do you feel uncomfortable with your partner? Can you count on them to be there for you no matter what? Or are you afraid to tell them things because you don’t want to fight? Your partner may be using gaslighting on you, which is a form of emotional abuse to keep you with them even though your relationship is not good.

Toxic Relationships

This type of toxic relationship is not only bad for you, but it is bad for everyone around you. If you have children, whether they are both of yours or just yours, it will definitely affect their mental health as well as your own. A bad relationship affects everyone in the house because everyone is on edge all the time, nobody can relax, and you may all just be waiting for that next fight that you know is going to happen eventually. Why you stay with a toxic partner is not important. There is no reason to stay together if you cannot get along. You have probably heard people say that they stay together for the children’s sake. Well, it is worse for the children if they have to be anxious all the time. Here are seven ways to tell if you are in the wrong relationship for you.

Your Partner Makes You Think You Are Crazy

Many experts call this gaslighting. Your partner may tell you that you are imagining things and that you are crazy. They may say it is all in your head. That nobody else sees them as being emotionally abusive, so it must be you. They will break down your confidence and cause you to think it may all be your fault. Some ways to tell if this is happening are if you catch them in little lies that are obviously not true, they question your memory, they make mean jokes, they talk bad about your family and friends, or they constantly accuse you of cheating on them. If these issues keep coming up, it may be time to see a relationship counselor if you want to stay together.

You Cannot Talk About Anything Without a Fight

Although many people say that it is normal to fight, it is not normal to fight all the time. It’s true, nobody can get along all of the time. But if you find yourself afraid to talk to them about anything, your relationship may need some serious help. It is not normal to feel uncomfortable around your partner at any time. If your relationship does not feel comfortable, there is something wrong with it and you should talk to someone about how to save it.

Your Friends Tell You That You Should Get Rid of Them

Even if your family thinks that your partner is great, your friends can sometimes see things that your family does not. They are also more apt to give it to you straight. This is not because your family does not care about you. They may just not be with you as often as your friends are or your partner may put on a good act while your family is around. That is part of a toxic relationship. They make everyone else believe they are perfect and that it is all your fault.

They Accuse You of Cheating on Them All the Time

The more someone accuses you of cheating, the more likely it is that they are cheating on you. If someone lies all the time, they think everyone else does it too, so they do not trust anyone. They may feel it is normal to lie and cheat, and just assume that everyone else feels the same way. Or they may just be trying to control you or pick a fight with you. Either way, it is not good for your relationship. If you want to stay together, get some help.

They Make You Feel Anxious or on Edge All the Time

If you feel stressed out all the time, wondering what kind of mood your partner may be in and if they are going to start a fight, this is a toxic relationship. In fact, this is emotional abuse that could turn into physical abuse and it is dangerous to stay with someone who makes you feel this way. It may be time to cut your losses and get out of this relationship unless your partner agrees to get some serious therapy.

You Depend on them for Money

Depending on anyone completely is not good for a relationship. You are giving them complete control over you, and that makes you a sort of prisoner. This is another form of domestic abuse called economic abuse and people use it to keep their partner from leaving them. So, they can get away with whatever they want because they know that you are not able to leave. This is another red flag, and you should get out of this relationship right away if your partner does not get counseling.

Thinking of Other Relationships

If you find yourself wishing you were in a different relationship or are missing your ex, this can be a sign that you are in a toxic relationship. It may not even be toxic. It may just be that you are not compatible with each other. It is not always somebody’s fault. Some relationships were just not meant to be. You just have to realize the mistake and take the steps to get out. Whatever the reason, if you are unhappy, it is time to talk to someone. Try online counseling. You don’t need an appointment and can do it from home.