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Paul Mackenzie Asks Journalists to Buy Him Milk, Bread With Money They’ve Made from His Stories

Clergyman Paul Mackenzie left journalists in stitches after asking them to buy him milk and deliver it to his remand cell.

According to him, the media has made so much money from covering his stories and it is prudent to appreciate by buying him food.

I need milk and bread, Mackenzie 

A video by Pwani FM shows the embattled pastor complaining while seated with handcuffs next to other remandees.

He explained that the journalists should appreciate the fact that they are enjoying freedom contrary to him who is behind bars. “Ile hela mmeunda hamuwezi ninunulia hata mkate. Mimi nimekaziwa hata siwezi kupata pesa. Si muende mniletee hata angalau pakiti ya maziwa,” he proposed. (You folks should feed me with some of the proceeds you’ve made from my stories. I am in custody, so I can’t make money. Please bring me even a packet of milk.)

Mackenzie convinced followers to fast to death

It will be remembered that Mackenzie was taken into custody for brainwashing his followers to fast to death with the promise that they would meet God.

Ironically, he continued feeding as usual while hundreds of followers starved at his vast Shakahola farm in Malindi.

Since his arrest, Mackenzie has not shied away from asking for food and was even pictured with a large bottle of mineral water.

The leader of the Good News International Church, which has since been declared a cult, has hit national and international headlines for his actions.

Shortly after his arrest, a team of detectives and joint security personnel have been conducting an operation in Shakahola where they’ve unearthed mass shallow graves with over 200 bodies.

He, however, maintains his innocence, adding that he did not force any of those who fasted to go through with the proposal, and that everyone did it voluntarily.


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