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MP denies sleeping with man’s wife on WhatsApp screenshots. See Screenshots

A Kenyan MP has denied having any sexual relations with another man’s wife after WhatsApp screenshots were shared online purportedly showing him begging the alleged husband not to spill the beans.

Lurambi Member of Parliament Raphael Otalo said that he was being blackmailed by a blogger after he refused to pay some money that the blogger had demanded in order to clear school fees arrears.

Raphael Otaalo

“This gentleman called me and asked for my assistance as his MP to help him clear his school fees and I told him the only thing I could do is pay part of the money and try and see if the county bursary could top him up. Instead, the next thing I see is me having a conversation showing that I slept with his wife,” he said.

Raphael Otaalo

The legislator said he was consulting with his lawyers and also seeking help from Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) and also a local mobile phone service provider so that he can sue the blogger for tarnishing his name.

Raphael Otaalo

“As we talk right now I am with my lawyer and after talking to him we will proceed to the CID (DCI) offices and also see if Safaricom can help track him down,” he added.

Raphael Otaalo

He also said that he had no idea who the woman in question was and that he has never had any interaction with her or met her.

– Screenshots Courtesy of Mpasho



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