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Kennedy Rapudo drops bombshell hinting a break up with Amber Ray

Kenyan businessman Kennedy Rapudo has sparked rumors that his relationship with socialite Amber Ray might have hit the rocks.

In a cryptic post on his Instagram stories, Rapudo wrote, “Sometimes holding on does more damage than letting go,” with a photo illustration.

He also deleted photos of himself and Amber Ray from his social media handles.

Rapudo proposed to Amber Ray in 2020, after a few weeks of dating. The engagement was met with mixed reactions from her fans, with some expressing concern that the relationship would not last, given Amber Ray’s history with men.

The couple previously broke up seven weeks into their relationship, only to reconcile and get engaged.

Amber Ray has a controversial past, having been involved with two married men in public and scandalous affairs. One of her former partners, a West African man, went on to shame her after their split, sharing intimate details of their sex life and accusing her of poor hygiene.

Despite the controversies, Amber Ray has been sharing “blended family goals” on her Instagram account, documenting their lives together in one house with their children from previous relationships. The couple announced in January that they were expecting their first child together.

It is not clear what has caused the recent rumors of a breakup between Rapudo and Amber Ray, but the businessman’s cryptic post has fueled speculation among their followers. For now, both parties have remained tight-lipped about the status of their relationship.


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