Thursday, July 18, 2019
Home News 16 feared dead after matatu plunges into Githurai dam

16 feared dead after matatu plunges into Githurai dam

Githurai dam Tragedy: 16 people are feared dead after a matatu plunged into an open dam in Githurai. It is said that the matatu might have been carrying as many as 18 passengers.

The dam is situated besides the Thika Super Highway.

The matatu plunged into the dam on Monday night. On Tuesday, residents in Githurai blocked the road to protest delayed rescue efforts. The residents were reportedly attempting to pull out the bodies from the dam when police officers intervened and lodged teargas canisters.

In anger, the residents resulted to blocking the road. This has since caused a huge traffic snarl up that has forced making their way to Nairobi to turn around and use a single lane.

Ma3route, a web platform that helps citizens to share and access information about traffic situation in the city, advised motorists to use alternative routes.
“Thika super highway totally blocked by rowdy youths. Use bypass to town,” it said in a tweet.

“Avoid Githurai-Kasarani route. Githurai residents demonstrating,” Ma3route added.

The Githurai dam is not fenced and is seen as a hazard for motorists and residents who live nearby. It was not immediately clear why authorities have allowed the continued existence of the dam in total disregard to the safety of area residents.

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