AP mother of two burns self, children to death in Homa Bay

Police officer sets children, self on fire in Homa Bay. PHOTO / Daily Nation

An AP officer based in Homa Bay killed herself and her children by setting his house ablaze on Sunday. Apparently, she doused herself and the children with petrol before lighting a match.

Residents who came to the rescue were unable to break in because she had locked the house from inside.

Constable Judith Gallant had just returned from leave and was scheduled to resume work on Monday.

“I was informed by a junior officer that one of their colleagues had committed suicide. I rushed there only to learn that it was Judith and her two children aged four and six years,” said Micahel Mutonyi, the regional AP commandant.

“Our preliminary investigations reveal she wrote a message to a family member that she would take her own life if things are not settled amicably. We are waiting her family to settle before we start interrogating them about the death,” he said. The bodies were moved to Homa Bay County Referral Hospital mortuary.


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