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269,000 people living in Modern Slavery in Kenya  says New Global Slavery report

The Global Slavery Index reveals the number of people living in modern slavery has grown since 2018 against a backdrop of increasing and more complex conflicts, widespread environmental degradation, climate-induced migration, a global rollback of women’s rights, and the economic and social impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The latest Global Slavery Index, produced by human rights group Walk Free, reveals the 10 countries with the highest prevalence of modern slavery are North Korea, Eritrea, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Türkiye, Tajikistan, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Afghanistan, and Kuwait.

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In 2021, seven million people in Africa were living under modern slavery, with Eritrea, Mauritania, and South Sudan leading the continent in prevalence of modern slavery. The report finds Africa has the highest vulnerability of all regions. Though modern slavery manifests itself differently across the continent, regional vulnerability is largely driven by ethnic, caste, and/or gender-based discrimination. Conflict and climate-driven displacement exacerbates modern slavery, as millions of internally displaced people face greater risk of exploitation.

Here is the link to the report – Global-Slavery-Index-2023.pdf (walkfree.org)

copying below some Kenya specific data points I’ve pulled out from the report:

  • Currently 269,000 people living in modern slavery in Kenya (page 78)
  • Estimated prevalence of modern slavery (per 1,000 of population) in Kenya is 5.0 (page 78)
  • Kenya is listed in the top 20 countries with the highest level of vulnerability to modern slavery, by country – listed at #19 (page 80)
  • There’s a couple of soundbites from survivors of modern slavery in Kenya (anonymous) on page 83 that might be useful for reporting, particularly with commentary on govt involvement.

Africa Insights are from slides:

  • 70-87 (this has the most on African Insights)
  • 167, 147
  • 103 and 104

Please see here the link to the website foundation for more information – Global Slavery Index | Walk Free


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