You Have To Work Out Your Marriage, According to Dj Mo, Size 8


Gospel power couple DJ and Size 8 serve us relationship goals. They are role models to many despite not having a perfect marriage.

DJ Mo and Size 8

The couple has on different interviews revealed that their marriage isn’t perfect and just like any other they have ups and downs.

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Recently Size 8 featured in Masterpiece’s music video High bila ndom and her hairstyle left tongues wagging.

Size 8

After the shoot, she called her husband DJ Mo telling him to sleep in a separate bedroom because they wouldn’t fit in their matrimonial bed together reason being her enormous hairstyle occupied a lot of space.

Below is the conversation as shared by the disc jockey

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Size 8: Babe ukikuja ujue unalala next room ….
Me: Mbona?? ?‍♂️
Size 8: My hairstyle we can’t fit kwa bed.
Me: tutaitolea nje ya window iyo mosodo ?
Size 8: went mute ?‍♂️?‍♂️??

Fans of the couple reacted to the conversation and below are their reactions

Ikonge Dorris Kathy Afadhali hiyo mwingine ameambia wife yake kuanzia Leo watalala na nguo na ka-distance hapo katikati. Jameni nauliza hii Corona si itafanya tutoke kwa marriage

Willis Raburu Hahahah, umeburn

Daniel Kennedy Whoever did Size 8’s hair is the grand-daughter of the man who designed K.I.C.C

Purrie Kaleha Hairstylist wake pthoooo!!hata Kama kua creative chuma ya doshi??

Chacha Gichangi DJ Mo Kenya taniua one day????love you guy

Mary Njambi DJ Mo with this kinda hairstyle you don’t need a decoder in ur house hiyo ni aerial tosha.

Judy Omari What kind of hairstyle is this????

Esther Cutenatalia ?? hii ndio inaitwa helicopter style I think akuna kuvaa stoking ukilala.

Laura Waswala Nyinyi wawili mnatumanga love ikae kama kitu inapatikana heaven (You two make love look like something that is found in heaven) …I admire you guys so much

Janet Wachera Itabidi ulale kwa jirani kumethoka (You’ll have to sleep at your neighbour’s place, things are not good)

masaai_comedian254 Akiinama siatapiga SOMA mbele but iko sawa

Elly Sean Enyewe ndom waliimba juzi na masterpiece imeanza kufanya kazi. High na ndom

Liz Bie Mwangi If this is what is called fashion lemme remain senseless

Sarah Wambui This one is offside totally. And worse in RED.

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